Diane Desrochers was born and raised in Quebec City. Very early in her life, she started showing interest in the field of the arts. This passion did not cease to evolve with the passing of years. She obtained an undergraduate degree in visual arts at Laval University. Once her studies completed, she used her talents as an infographic/designer working in various companies particularly in the field of printing, book publishing and later also in the film industry for several years. During this time her interest for painting has become more and more predominant as being the means of expression that she wishes to favour. In this context, she has decided to direct her career towards artistic creation.

Artistic path
Her artistic path is at the same time spontaneous and intuitive. Stripped of all external references, she does not try to represent objective reality. The effect of surprise is expected, nothing is less sure than what it takes for life. The subjective truth is built around some bold features. It is by the gesture, the form and the wild line that the imaginary and the unconscious appear beyond any restriction of partitioned style. Abstraction has the privilege to provide flexibility and the freedom in the style she needs when it comes to approaching the unknown and the mystery in art. Her preferred medium is acrylic resin on fabric and mixed techniques worked in combination with spatula, brush and oil pastels. The collages are sometimes integrated into the composition creating subtleties of rich reliefs in textures. She hopes to create works which allow for a warm, pleasant, and happy environment, and at the same time working as a source of inspiration and reflexion. Artistic creation stimulates in her an enthusiasm that she wishes to communicate through her paintings.